Meet Alex

First and foremost, I would identify that I am a woman. With that its like you hear a lot about gender equality, and I feel very strongly that, as women, we get the same opportunities as other people. I think mostly that inspired me with that is Emma Watson, I love her, ((shout out)), and the Fight Like a Girl campaign. That really opened my eyes and showed me that we can do just as much as other people and I don’t see why just being a girl makes me less of a person.

Also, I would say I’m Asian—I’m actually Vietnamese, and being Asian and being Vietnamese, I think it sets me apart from other people. You know, I have two cultures that I can account for.

On campus, not only am I a sister of Lambda Delta Psi, I’m actually a part of the Multicultural Greek Council. I am on the exec board as the director of multicultural development, so as you can see, culture is really important to me, and with that, what I do is, I help create events where I can highlight all the different cultures there are, and I think that really resonates with me, as right now we are in the works of doing a woman’s symposium. It is kind of like the best of both worlds for me, I’m working with the culture and I’m working with who I am in order to bring out the best in everyone—so everyone can come out and find their identity.

I would say set your goals high, but also at the same time, set small goals to achieve that goal. Also, even though it may seem hard sometimes, you have to remember your roots and what you’re capable of because somebody who you’re close to may be taking bigger strides than you are, and you may feel like you can’t get there, but with slow steps you can.

I was in volleyball, so I know very well that coach-ability, that’s something that I was always told. You have to be open to new ideas, you have to be open to wanting to be better, and if you just stay close minded and stay within yourself, you are not going to get anywhere with that. Times are changing, things are changing, social values are changing, and as long as you stay open minded and you’re ready to take on whatever comes to you, you will be successful in the end.
— Alexandria Hoang, Class of 2018