Meet Chen

Personally, I identify myself as a proud Asian American citizen. I know many others who can testify along beside that and also speak for themselves. I’m sure they have set goals as a minority and as well as an immigrant in order to make a name for themselves in society. On campus, I identify myself as an Aggie engineer and that’s something I’m really proud to be. STEM - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - has always interested me through my childhood. It’s something I hope I can dedicate my life to throughout my career.

I would say definitely be patient with your short term as well as your long term goals. That’s something that I’m also working on personally. It’s a virtue I would like to improve because everyday things won’t always go your way, nor do they go the way you initially thought they would. To add on to that, I have a favorite quote of mine by Will Rogers: ‘Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there’. That can pretty much apply to everyone because even if you set certain goals and no matter how much progress you have made, if you give up at some point or show signs of slowing down, you’ll get run over. This could translate into for some people as how others beside them, like their competitors, can surpass them and reach their goals, which can potentially result in them not reaching their own goal.

It started out in college as a freshman. I wanted to improve both my professional skills and soft skills because at the time I lacked work experience. Additionally, I was shy like the common stereotypical freshman. Eventually, I heard about an organization called the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE). Now, I serve as the Internal Vice President of SASE and I’m responsible for finding new ways to increase membership and also help SASE grow to become as influential as possible. The three pillars of SASE’s mission are to prepare STEM Asian American leaders for the global business world, celebrate cultural diversity on campus, and third is to have members make local contributions to the community through community service. Overall, my personal goal is to help SASE by providing an environment and culture that provides professional support for those who reach out for it, and help our members achieve their professional goals and develop their soft skills, which include leadership skills and helping members obtain internships and full-time jobs.

I hope to see more ethnic minority groups step up to leadership roles, whether that would be in SGA, Student Government Association, or any other organizations that collaborate with APC and that includes all minority organizations. I just want to see them be more proactive with their events.
— Chen Zhang, Class of 2018