Meet Ellen

So personally, I am an electrical engineering major from Cypress, Texas. I’m the oldest of three children and I’m a junior that will be graduating in May of 2019. On campus, I’ve grown into this role of wanting to promote pride and heritage and from there, helping everyone want to promote cultural awareness on campus. Showing the world that campus is diverse and that A&M is inclusive has been one of my main goals this year. I hope to continue doing that next year in my new position as Vice President of External of APC.

You should understand what your goals are. A lot of the times, people join organizations and follow the mission statement, the group goal, but your personal goal is often times different if you think about it and realize how your personal goal might fit into the group goal. Once you understand what you want, it’s easier for you to work for it. As you go on, your goals may change and develop. Depending on circumstances, you realize what your limitations are and what your actual potentials are and what your skills are. So you need to go out of your comfort zone, take initiative, and just communicate with others.

I saw that there was a need for someone to help grow the confidence in others. Through observation, I noticed that a lot of my friends in the APIDA [Asian Pacific Islander Desi American] community lacked self-confidence in who it is they are and how that plays into society and how they fit into the community. Growing into a leader, one of my favorite methods of leadership is leading by example and showing that I can set my goals and work towards them with other people. I hope that it shows everyone around me that they can also set a goal and work towards it and also be successful doing it. Of course, I don’t hide it whenever I fail because that’s something that everyone should be aware of which is that failure is inevitable but you should continue moving forward. As I have gone through this journey, it inspired me to keep going and realize that there’s more.

One of the things that I’ve been working on with the Vietnamese Student Association is trying to be the change that I want to see. So creating the Lunar New Year event is like normalizing diversity. That way it’s just inclusion and not a big deal. Right now it’s a big deal because we are pushing for it. We’re pushing to promote diversity and create the dialogue on campus to create opportunities for students of different communities to talk and feel like their voices are heard and important. In the future, I hoping that at A&M there doesn’t have to be a push for that since it will already exist. Students can just speak and it won’t be a big deal so their voices will be heard and won’t need much reinforcement.
— Ellen Dangtran, Class of 2019