Meet Jasmine

When I first arrived at Texas A&M, I knew I wanted to serve the university, and to specifically serve the Asian American community. I grew up in an incredibly diverse area of Houston, and knew that exemplifying the differences and diversity in my upbringing would allow me to bring brighter ideas in the process of impacting change at a higher level.

As an Asian American woman on this campus, my identity has played an integral role in how I’ve conducted myself as a leader. The values that my parents and peers instilled in me throughout the course of my upbringing and college career led to me to the understanding that leadership is not about a title or a designation, but rather about inspiration, influence, and impact. I’ve made it my goal to move this university forward in diversity education and related initiatives, and it’s led me to utilize my time in college to share my experience as a minority woman, and also to engage a populace to take steps forward even when others have asked you to take steps back. Leadership has become an ingrained passion because it is work worth doing.

Sexual assault has long been an issue both on college campuses across the country as well as within our Asian community here at Texas A&M. At this month’s community meeting, I hope to be able to reach out to both members of our community, but also the university community at large in order to remove some of the stigmas of sexual assault, and to also train our student leaders and their respective organization’s members on how to best address individuals who have been affected by these issues. As a community, we need to join arms in supporting our fellow Aggies who have been victims of sexual violence, rape, or harassment.

Ultimately, my overarching goal as a student leader is to encourage students to make their mark upon the tapestry of A&M’s brilliant history of fostering generation after generation of influential leaders who will not only massively impact the university, but also the world. By encouraging our students to be more proactive in their support for victims of sexual assault, we are thus setting an example for our peers in the betterment of Texas A&M.
— Jasmine Wang, Class of 2019