Meet Ali

Personally, I’m a graduate student and also an international student who came to the U.S. back in 2014. I do identify myself as a nation, a Pakistani, and at the same time, I do identify myself as a global citizen considering the very diverse environment we have here. On campus, I identify myself as an ambassador of my culture. As one person here in the vast ocean of all the communities here, I’m just trying to experience the different cultures and learn from it.

I have a reasonable definition of success, it’s not realistic. It’s more like what makes you happy and like ten years down the road or twenty years down the road, ‘Are you satisfied with what you did?’ I think that’s what defines success. For me, a big part of success is basically about whether the people you care about are happy from you so that means a lot to me. I think ten years down the road I’m going to judge myself and see if I’m successful based on whether I’m satisfied with what I did and whether the people I care about are happy with me and from me.

The Pakistani Student Association has a history of supporting the community for the United States and also for representing our culture so when I came here I just became part of the process and then I realized that based on the skills that I had from my undergrad years that I could probably do a good job of representing the culture as well as supporting the community. That got me into the organization and then I got involved with all the different organizations like APC and I realized that there’s a lot that I can do and that’s why I’ve been doing it.

The way I see it, A&M is a great place not just for gaining a formal education but also to experience different cultures so all the different student organizations and all the different organizations established by the university can play a very big role in educating people about each other’s’ cultures. Because I think in the world that we live in currently, what we really need to learn is an acceptance of each other, a lot of tolerance. I think that in the long run creates a harmony for nations and different cultures. It gives you a good learning experience.

Personally, what I would like to see for myself and my class fellows is to have a very strong bond with A&M, be able to communicate with our juniors and help them out, and also a very strong collaboration between not just the Asian student organizations but campus-wide so that they can help each other basically learn about each other’s culture and everything.
— Syed ali Hasnain