Our Umbrella Organizations

As Asian Presidents' Council, one of our main focuses is to provide leadership and organizational development to students in our organizations. 



To see Lives Transformed, Campuses Renewed, and World Changers Developed through a personal relationship with Christ.

Email: tamuaaiv@gmail.com

or visit their website @ aaiv.tamu.edu


Beta Chi Theta Fraternity

Built upon the keystone of Brotherhood, the other five pillars of this fraternity are Tradition, Service to Humanity, South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, and a unified Nationwide Network.

Email: pi.new.member@betachitheta.com

or contact Farhan Rob at pi.president@betachitheta.com

or visit their website @ tamu.betachitheta.com


Beta Tau Omega Fraternity

Beta Tau Omega is an Asian Interest Fraternity founded in the Fall of 1995. We have active members in the Texas A&M student body and more than two hundred alumni and associates. Our members are a diverse group of individuals from nearly every part of the world, not limited to the Asian continent.

Email: betatauomega95@gmail.com

or contact Eric Shyu at eshyu115@tamu.edu

or visit their website @ betatauomega.com

Chi Psi Beta Fraternity

The purpose of this organization is to unite and integrate the cultures of India and the United States of America, create a brotherhood between the South Asian population at Texas A&M University, and perform acts of service that benefit the community

Email: chipsibeta@gmail.com

or contact Kaamil Mitha at kaamil.mitha@gmail.com

or visit their website @ tamuchipsibeta.org


Chinese Student Association

Our goals are to unite and assist all students at Texas A&M University who are interested in learning about the Chinese culture and to promote a better understanding between those of Chinese descent and those from different ethnic backgrounds.

Email: atmcsa@gmail.com

or contact Christina Jiang at cjiang1229@tamu.edu

or visit their website @ chinese.tamu.edu


Delta Kappa Delta Sorority

Delta Kappa Delta commits itself to fostering of a united sisterhood, the development of indomitable spirit, the betterment of community through humanitarian services, and the education of ourselves and others about the Indian Subcontinental culture. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to personal cultural enrichment through awareness and preservation of traditions and morals.

Email: dkdalpha@gmail.com

or contact Adiiti Kulkarni at aditi_184@tamu.edu

or visit their website deltakappadelta.com

Gamma Beta Fraternity

The Official Purpose of the Gamma Beta organization is to better each member as an individual and as a whole and all those in contact with Gamma Beta through a brotherhood promoting and enforcing morality, discipline, responsibility, an unprecedented sense of unity, and high academic standards.

Email: tamu@gammabeta.com

or contact Marquis Ellis at marellis@tamu.edu

or visit their website @ tamugammabeta.com


Hindu Students' Association

The purpose of Hindu Student Association shall be to spread the awarness of Hindu religion and culture, while promoting individual spritual growth.

Email: atmhsa@googlegroups.com

or contact Navya Puvvada at navya-1994@tamu.edu

or visit their website @ hindu.tamu.edu

Indian Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote the integration of American and South East Asian cultures, the union and understanding of the different cultures of the Indian subcontinent, and the interaction between the organization and the surrounding community. This primarily undergraduate organization was established to promote unity and understanding among the various cultures of the Indian subcontinent and the neighboring community.

Email: president.tamuisa@gmail.com

or visit their website @ isatamu.wixsite.com/tamu-isa


International Student Association

The purpose of the International Student Association (ISA) is to foster a greater understanding among the students of all nations attending Texas A&M University without any bias to any particular ethnic, sexual, religious, or political cause. We are a cultural, social, athletic, and academic student organization that stimulates the participation and interaction between international students, the student body at A&M, and the Bryan-College Station Community.

Email: isa.aggies@gmail.com

or visit their website isa-aggies.tamu.edu


Lambda Delta Psi Sorority

Lambda Delta Psi Sorority is an Asian American interest sorority founded at the University of Oklahoma. Our purpose is to cultivate a sisterhood of distinguished women through friendship and service while maintaining high moral and academic standards. We seek to always exemplify characteristics such as temperance, grace, and integrity and to educate and guide other young women in becoming eloquent ladies of society.

Email: tamuldpsi@gmail.com

or visit their website @ lambdadeltapsi.org

Muslim Students' Association

The purpose of the MSA will be to serve the best interest of Islam and Muslims of Texas A&M University. Towards this end the MSA shall... 1. Promote unity and joint action among the Muslims. 2. Conduct religious, social, cultural and other activities in the best traditions of Islam. 3. Arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic festivals at appropriate times. 4. present Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims and promote good relations and understanding between them. Seek appropriate means to make the Islamic teachings known to all interested people.

Email: tamumsa.president1@gmail.com

or visit their website @ tamumsa.org


Omega Phi Gamma

The mission of Omega Phi Gamma is to provide membership bonding and leadership opportunities by educating new or existing Asian-American students about the culture of Texas A&M and by promoting Asian-Americans awareness through social events, fundraisers, and service activities in order to overcome the barriers caused by race.

Email: am.omegaphigamma@gmail.com

or contact Keelen Vu at keelenvu@gmail.com


Phillipine Student Association (PhilSA)

Our goals are to promote unity and brotherhood among Filipino students at Texas A&M University, to enhance awareness of the Filipino culture in the university, to foster goodwill and to develop a working relationship with the student body of Texas A&M, and to achieve academic excellence.

Email: philsa_officers@listserv.tamu.edu

or visit their website @ phisa.org

Pakistani Student Association

Our main objective is to promote the identity of the Pakistani culture on campus and to create and maintain a forum to discuss issues relating to Pakistanis and to organize academic and recreational activities to promote an understanding of the Pakistani culture and heritage and to increase awareness and bring about integrity.

Email: aggiepsa@gmail.com

or contact Gibran Hasmi @ gibranhasmi@tamu.edu


Rho Delta Chi Sorority

Through sisterhood, we hope to nurture personal growth and self esteem as well as to provide an environment for social interaction. Through philanthropy and other related activities, we hope to increase Asian Awareness and to assist communities in need. Through activities with fraternities and sororities on campuses, fundraisers, informals, formals, installation, and retreats, we hope to gain knowledge about each other and our diverse cultures.

Email: **rhodeltachi@listserv.tamu.edu

or contact Joy Maue at rdc.betapresident@gmail.com

or visit their website @ rhodeltachi.tamu.edu


Sigma Phi Omega Sorority

Our vision as a sorority is to promote sisterhood. We hold many sisterhood events throughout the year to promote such values as: unity, friendship and teamwork. Our mission is to help young women adjust to college life by creating a sisterhood that promotes Asian awareness. The sisters of Sigma Phi Omega are strongly committed to serving the community, as well. Our official National Philanthropy is domestic violence.

Email: tamusigmas@gmail.com

or visit their website @ aggiesigmas.org

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential. In addition to professional development, SASE also encourages members to contribute to the enhancement of the communities in which they live.

Email: sasetamu@gmail.com

or visit their website @ sasetamu.com


Swaram Acapella

Swaram is dedicated to promoting the art of a cappella music through the fusion of South Asian and Western cultural influences.

Email: swaramacappella@gmail.com

or contact Sarosh Mawani at sarosh94@gmail.com


Vietnamese Students' Association

Our objective is to unite the students who want to spread the Vietnamese culture and also have the desire to learn about it. We want to provide a doorway for the Texas A & M community to the customs and legacy of the Vietnamese people.

Email: tamuvsa@gmail.com

or visit their website @ tamuvsa.org

Wreckin' Raas

"Wreckin' Raas is a co-ed dance team that seeks to promote the awareness of Indian culture among members of the Texas A&M University community through a particular type of Indian folk dance known as garba-raas, which is indigenous to the state of Gujarat. Our goal is to encourage the understanding of South Asian culture by participating in intercollegiate competitions organized specifically for garba-raas teams. We also plan to perform at cultural events at Texas A&M University and at other venues. "

Email: wreckin.raas@gmail.com

or visit their website @ wreckinraas.tamu.edu